Saturday, December 24, 2011

the vegan voyeur watches you at your family christmas dinner

the vegan voyeur: a tofu in disguise

he's wishing you a very happy holidays! ...while he watches you eat that christmas ham...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ollie the owlet

this is ollie the owlet. ollie is in 4th grade. sometimes her other classmates bully her because she's "too quiet" or "weird," but ollie is just daydreaming about when she grows up and becomes a prominent activist working to end discrimination and bullying in schools. ♥ go ollie!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

sweet happenings at bazaar no. 2

while at today's bazaar, these things happened:

1) "your mind is so warped... i love it."
3) a little girl fell in love with penelope the bunny and came by every 15 minutes during a 5 hour span to hold her or stared longingly at her from across the room. when she left the room, the girl's father rushed over and purchased the bunny and hid it. the little girl came back into the room and immediately starting crying silently when she saw that penelope was gone. she slowly walked over and let the tears roll down her cheeks as her eyes searched my table for her now missing friend. my heart was touched to know that she had become so attached to something that i created with my own hands. it was a good feeling, but it was so bittersweet because she was so sad! she's going to LOVE Christmas morning when she finds penelope in her hands once more, now forever hers to cherish ♥

below are photos of some of the items i sold at the bazaar: 

bucket o' heads

all in a row

boogie boogie
dancing like nobody's watching

Sunday, December 4, 2011

my very first bazaar!

after over a month of hair-pulling, dry-heaving, and no sleep due to the farmer's market's failure to notify me whether or not i got into their bazaar, it ended when i received a call just over a week before the event that they had run out of space and i "didn't make the cut." so, i sulked for five minutes and then decided i didn't crochet all these critters for nothing, and called up two businesses that would be holding events and bazaars this month. i immediately received responses saying that they would LOVE to have me - yay!

on december 2, i had my very first booth at a brand new yoga studio in town called heart stream yoga for their first friday event. being that it is fairly new, a small space, and a bit hard to find, with tons of other events happening that day, i thought it went really well! in all, there were eight vendors in the studio, including myself. plenty of specialty wines, ciders, and gluten-free goodies! my artisan friends included a knitter, an up-cycler, photographer, drum maker, authors, painter, and yoga and martial art instructors! the atmosphere was laid back, everyone in their socks or bare feet, and even if we didn't make a lot of money, we made friends, new contacts, and plenty of moments for laughter. it was the best first bazaar a crafter could ask for :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

leopold the snowman

meet leopold. he only likes to come out on cold, wintery days when you've got the seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) and you're caught looking longingly through the window of that ice cream shop. He's here to cheer you up!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

totoro, to-to-ro

thumbs up to miyazaki hayao for creating my favorite childhood character and story. my sister and i saw ourselves as satsuki and little mei, frolicking totoro's woods in our big, alaskan backyard in the middle of nowhere. every dark, frigid, wintery morning we walked to our bus stop anticipating the cat bus to come running up with its big smile and warm, fuzzy seats and take us to school. pretend dust bunnies occupied the dark corners of our house.

this is a tribute to totoro. i crocheted a scoodie (scarf + hood) and attached ears and a big, green leaf on top. I crocheted pockets to resemble paws onto the ends of the scarf part complete with long, brown totoro nails. my romper is one i purchased from american apparel. i cut out the mouth and gray belly spots from jersey knit material and hand-stitched the teeth. i then hand-sewed the belly and mouth onto the romper WHILE wearing it and WHILE looking into a mirror... because the romper had an elastic band around the waist and would scrunch up if i took it off. so it took a while... but it was definitely worth it. i had gray boots and my co-worker happened to have fur laying about so i just wrapped it around my boots and sewed up the sides. i love my totoro costume and i hope it provides you with a bit of inspiration to create something that commemorates the feel-good, happy, fuzzy moments of your childhood, too. 

happy halloween!

peekin' around

waiting for the cat bus

hoping for rain

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

skulls for my phalanges

skulls for my phalanges: my army is growing.

in honor of october and all of its spookiness, i crocheted a little skull for my finger.

Monday, August 8, 2011

crocheted brass knuckles = instantaneous badassness

reasons to get your own set of crocheted brass knuckles:
  1. you will look badass
  2. initial intimidation transitions to immediate life of the party
  3. you can sit on them and they won't hurt your bum
  4. you can wear them out and not receive a felony for possession of a dangerous weapon
  5. face punching people will be more pleasant for both parties

model: erik whitney

model: erik whitney

model: erik whitney

model: erik whitney

Thursday, June 23, 2011

timmy the broken condom: a socially inappropriate newborn baby hat

timmy was born in a factory like all the other typical condoms. he's generic brand without all the doodads and colors, but he's anything but bland! timmy is playful and sweet, charming and adventurous.

timmy's hobbies:
  • climbing trees
  • hollering at cute girls 
  • resting on baby heads
  • and he LOVES surprises!
timmy enjoying the sun on a tree branch. what a nice treat after climbing.

peace out, homies. it's nap time!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

dear motivation: you are missing from my life

why am i not motivated to create? for the past two months, all i want to do is crochet, but i can't find the motivation to pick up a hook, a ball of yarn and create all the great ideas i have jingling around in my brain. is it because summer has arrived in alaska and i'd rather not be cooped up inside? is it because i need to focus on other things like finding a graduate program? or is it because i don't have someone pushing me to create and i'm simply procrastinating? i think it's all of the above. hopefully, writing this out will get the wheels turning once again. i'm heading to the craft store now to pick up some yarn for my next project. it's a huge project and it needs to be completed before the city fair starts. :) i'll keep you updated, folks! thanks for checking in and supporting me from all corners of the world.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

tamara the toilet paper roll: revamped

remember tamara? well, she got a makeover and she's lovin' it.

tamara's new hobbies:
whispering with birds
cloud gazing
visiting charming boutiques
dreaming about her crush, Harold the Poo

the original tamara and harold. click HERE for the original blog post!

tamara and poo: old and new

dearest blog followers:
i need to thank you from the very deepest layers of my heart. my blog has recently reached 10,000 page views thanks to you! you give me the motivation to keep creating so that i can bring a smile to  your face - no matter where you are in the world. i want to keep creating, crafting, and living a life full of creativity, inspiration, and accomplishment! thank you for reading and clicking through the last seven months since i first created this blog. i'm a little shy to admit, but i opened my etsy store. i don't have many items in the shop, but i vow to only crochet as much as i can before it becomes a job, not a joy. i want each amigurumi to be stuffed with originality, care, and my love - not a sense of obligation to create. 

thanks for checking in with me from time to time: i ♥ amicute

Sunday, April 24, 2011

hettie sends hope to japan

while the rest of the world moves on with their lives, hettie stumbles upon a little thing called hope. she decides to send it to the people of japan still struggling with the aftermath of the march 11, 2011 earthquake and the multitude of disasters that followed. hettie knows that although her gift of hope is small, it will lighten up a saddened soul or two, even just for a moment.

hope? what's hope?

i think it's something that i need to give to the people of japan

i'm going to give them all that my heart can handle ❤

Monday, April 18, 2011

brunhilda the easter bunny meets hettie the holiday ham

brunhilda is a sweet, miniature bunny that frolics in the imaginations of millions of greedy, egg-overdosed children during the month of april. her exterior may be expressionless, but inside, she's bursting with double rainbows and sunshine. enter hettie the holiday ham: brunhilda is seriously miffed that this busy little rodent would try to impersonate her. Good thing Hettie's bunny suit didn't fit her.  

this is brunhilda frolicking.

enter hettie. she spots the easter bunny's basket and wants it for herself. she thinks she's better at hiding eggs than brunhilda.

oh hi, brunhilda.

well, if you can do it, then i can do it.

ok, maybe it's not worth the giant human hands forcing faux-bunny ears onto my head.

remnants of hettie's failed bunny costume.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

april fool's day revenge: hettie wants to keep her dignity this year

hettie's trying to keep her nice image for the new cute boy in the office. this year, she's determined not to be the butt of another cruel april fool's day prank. this year, she's gonna get them good.    

shopping list: sugar? check. salt? check. spoon to scoop the sugar and pour into the salt shaker with? check, check, check!

gotta get this done before everyone goes to lunch! oooooh, i'm so bad and i love it!
now... i put this into that?

*blink* she's looking at you looking at her.
licking the leftover sugar off of the spoon... before swallowing it whole.
nonchalantly waiting for an office fool to stumble upon her prank.

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