Monday, April 18, 2011

brunhilda the easter bunny meets hettie the holiday ham

brunhilda is a sweet, miniature bunny that frolics in the imaginations of millions of greedy, egg-overdosed children during the month of april. her exterior may be expressionless, but inside, she's bursting with double rainbows and sunshine. enter hettie the holiday ham: brunhilda is seriously miffed that this busy little rodent would try to impersonate her. Good thing Hettie's bunny suit didn't fit her.  

this is brunhilda frolicking.

enter hettie. she spots the easter bunny's basket and wants it for herself. she thinks she's better at hiding eggs than brunhilda.

oh hi, brunhilda.

well, if you can do it, then i can do it.

ok, maybe it's not worth the giant human hands forcing faux-bunny ears onto my head.

remnants of hettie's failed bunny costume.


  1. I have so many pictures of Bruni to share with you! If only I hadn't tossed my laptop onto the floor... :( I'll get them online somehow soon!

  2. Hi heatherdily,

    Thanks for your love! And I hope your laptop feels better soon!

    i ♥ amicute


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