Saturday, October 2, 2010

marty the sprinkled cupcake


marty is a shy but an accepting and loving sprinkled little cupcake. he wants to make the recipient of his birthday cake a happy little baby. happy first birthday!

this is my first attempt at crocheting a cupcake. he doesn't conform to traditional gender roles as his favorite color is pink, but he does like to bring out his rough and tumble side by playing intramural soccer and climb trees. i crocheted him without a pattern and the candle was a last minute add-on. the sprinkles took forever to sew on but was definitely a necessary touch to make him stand out out of all the other crocheted cupcakes. i think marty turned out pretty well.

marty is the beginnings of a new crochet line called: surly surly pastries. please stay tuned for more!

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