Saturday, May 21, 2011

dear motivation: you are missing from my life

why am i not motivated to create? for the past two months, all i want to do is crochet, but i can't find the motivation to pick up a hook, a ball of yarn and create all the great ideas i have jingling around in my brain. is it because summer has arrived in alaska and i'd rather not be cooped up inside? is it because i need to focus on other things like finding a graduate program? or is it because i don't have someone pushing me to create and i'm simply procrastinating? i think it's all of the above. hopefully, writing this out will get the wheels turning once again. i'm heading to the craft store now to pick up some yarn for my next project. it's a huge project and it needs to be completed before the city fair starts. :) i'll keep you updated, folks! thanks for checking in and supporting me from all corners of the world.

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