Saturday, May 21, 2011

dear motivation: you are missing from my life

why am i not motivated to create? for the past two months, all i want to do is crochet, but i can't find the motivation to pick up a hook, a ball of yarn and create all the great ideas i have jingling around in my brain. is it because summer has arrived in alaska and i'd rather not be cooped up inside? is it because i need to focus on other things like finding a graduate program? or is it because i don't have someone pushing me to create and i'm simply procrastinating? i think it's all of the above. hopefully, writing this out will get the wheels turning once again. i'm heading to the craft store now to pick up some yarn for my next project. it's a huge project and it needs to be completed before the city fair starts. :) i'll keep you updated, folks! thanks for checking in and supporting me from all corners of the world.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

tamara the toilet paper roll: revamped

remember tamara? well, she got a makeover and she's lovin' it.

tamara's new hobbies:
whispering with birds
cloud gazing
visiting charming boutiques
dreaming about her crush, Harold the Poo

the original tamara and harold. click HERE for the original blog post!

tamara and poo: old and new

dearest blog followers:
i need to thank you from the very deepest layers of my heart. my blog has recently reached 10,000 page views thanks to you! you give me the motivation to keep creating so that i can bring a smile to  your face - no matter where you are in the world. i want to keep creating, crafting, and living a life full of creativity, inspiration, and accomplishment! thank you for reading and clicking through the last seven months since i first created this blog. i'm a little shy to admit, but i opened my etsy store. i don't have many items in the shop, but i vow to only crochet as much as i can before it becomes a job, not a joy. i want each amigurumi to be stuffed with originality, care, and my love - not a sense of obligation to create. 

thanks for checking in with me from time to time: i ♥ amicute

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