Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the cat bus coming to a bus stop near you

totoro slept through his alarm this morning and nearly missed the cat bus! good thing he has his spinning top! 

this was a personal challenge as well as a commissioned piece. little by little, i pieced the bus together over the course of several months. i didn't use a pattern and this design is all my own. i used stills from the movie as a reference and let my hands and mind do the work! i especially love the mice headlights. i couldn't leave those off, of course!

this totoro and cat bus combo will soon be adopted by a blue-eyed soon-to-be three year-old! they're nervous to move into a new home, but so excited for a new play-mate!

click here to see my handmade and hand-crocheted totoro costume!

totoro + cat bus

hopping on just in time!

view of opposite side

view of cat bus when he's flying overhead

riding along

here totoro is peeking out the door to make sure he doesn't miss his bus stop!

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