Monday, November 22, 2010

free pattern: mini poo


now you can boogie the night away with your very own harriet! free amigurumi pattern for a crocheted harold and harriet the poo! click here for the pattern.

lyza the bacon: short for lyza the crispy bacon slice

lyza, oh lyza. she's ready for just about anything. film, theater, singing, multiple husbands, illnesses, and philanthropy - she can do it all... with no hands even! here she is lounging in her favorite frying pan at a posh resort called la graisse pot (the grease pot).  

lyza was born from a crochet concept i had a few months back. i didn't have time to make the amigurumi stove, but it's still on my to-do list. here's the concept drawing:

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concept drawing: more poos with personalities

my plan is to create a whole parade of little crocheted poos, each complemented by distinct personalities. i hope you liked harriet the pre-op tranny poo and harold the poo (pre-sexual-self-realization). hmm, do you have any ideas?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

cross-contamination: voyeuristic tofu and crocheted poo

the vegan voyeur is in a state of conundrum. he wants to make new friends, but these poos are contaminating his tofu exterior.

scenario one: he makes friends with the poos, but they can't keep quiet so they'll give him away when he's watching you... not eat meat.

scenario two: he's lonely but he gets to watch you eat your green beans in peace.

how ever will his heart decide?

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harold the poo transformed: harriet the pre-op tranny poo

welcome to harriet's world. formerly known as harold the poo, he's finally found the courage to admit to his friends and family that he identifies as a woman, a woman named harriet. she's glamorous, she's fun, she's sassy and everything you wish you could be. she even does a little drag here and there.

harriet's hobbies:
lip syncing
giggling about boys
taking photos of herself
being an LGBT-rights activist

harriet's role models:
ru paul
hillary clinton
people that are true to themselves
harriet is so happy she is finally a free and independent amigurumi poo.

work it, girl!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

concept drawing: bacon and stove - a pair in love

the cutest couple you'll ever meet! my coworker asked me to crochet something for his girlfriend for christmas. his gal LOVES bacon and so we wanted to incorporate it in a cute way into something amigurumi. i can't wait to crochet the stove. don't they just look so happy?

monday night mustached voyeurism

it's monday night and the vegan voyeur wants to beat that slummish feeling  that typically accompanies the beginning of the week by relaxing in his favorite chair while watching you... not eat meat. 

a teapot cozy: mishaps and extra flaps

did you miss me? 

probably not, but the reason why i haven't posted in so long is because i have been working on above mentioned teapot cozy for my so-sweet co-worker that just got married. to be honest, i was going to whip up a scarf for her - easy and fast. after i purchased the light blue THIN yarn, she asked me for a teapot cozy instead. i got to thinking: should i go buy new yarn for the cozy that is thicker (so that it would take less time) and darker (to hide stains)? i was either too lazy or just stubborn (truthfully, i am both) and i ended up crocheted the cozy with what i had. i had a vague idea of what to do and how to do it. there were no patterns online for a bodum teapot cozy so i knew i had to wing it. increasing and decreasing my stitches as i went up the curve of the teapot, and, literally weeks later, i ended up with a nice round pouch with an opening for the handle. 

my plan for the top flap was to have JUST ONE with a cute button. i sewed on the flap and giddily put back on the cozy... and to my horror the flap was on diagonally. i immediately shriveled up and pitied myself for my mistake until an idea hit me like an elephant kicking your face with its hind leg. i'll just make a criss-cross pattern and she won't even know it was a mistake! and here is my product with a few blips here and there, but i was careful not to show them in my photos. ;)



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