Friday, November 8, 2013

crustacean senstation - crocheted crab costume with shell backpack!

my very good friend and i used to laugh for hours doing crab impressions, scuttling past windows and confusing family members and our other "normal" friends. i decided i would crochet a crab costume in honor of our memories and the many laugh-until-you-cry-and-then-choke moments. 
i crocheted a scoodie, which is a scarf with a hood, and attached crab claw pockets at the end. Since i live in Alaska, it's nice to have something to keep me warm-ish while out and about for Halloween shenanigans. i made the left claw bigger than the right claw to be crab-atomically correct. *click clack*

i also crocheted a crab shell backpack which i finished in time for the second weekend out, mostly because i always seem to lose essential things such as credit cards, phone, house keys, etc. on Halloween night. i wanted a prop that would double as a purse/backpack! i sewed a zipper at the top opening to keep my treasures safe inside the shell!

i hope you like my crab costume! it was so much fun to wear!!

instagram: @iheartamicute

finished up the crab shell backpack

*snip snap*

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