Thursday, March 31, 2011

april fool's day revenge: hettie wants to keep her dignity this year

hettie's trying to keep her nice image for the new cute boy in the office. this year, she's determined not to be the butt of another cruel april fool's day prank. this year, she's gonna get them good.    

shopping list: sugar? check. salt? check. spoon to scoop the sugar and pour into the salt shaker with? check, check, check!

gotta get this done before everyone goes to lunch! oooooh, i'm so bad and i love it!
now... i put this into that?

*blink* she's looking at you looking at her.
licking the leftover sugar off of the spoon... before swallowing it whole.
nonchalantly waiting for an office fool to stumble upon her prank.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

alaskan amigurumi challenge: subsistence bear stocks up for winter

someone asked me if i knew how to crochet a kuskokwim* style canoe. uh, no. but i tried and i think the end result was a successful, cute ode to the traditional alaskan lifestyle. the recipient shot her first black bear (i know, this must be horrifying to you animal lovers) a couple years ago so we thought it would be ... fitting... for lack of better word, to have a fluffy black bear scrounging for blueberries, cranberries and salmon before the harsh winter. 

*kuskowim (my definition): a giant river in alaska. for a more thorough grasp of the kuskokwim river and it's significance, please visit this wikipedia explanation


Monday, March 14, 2011

disaster in japan: i am heartbroken


We've contacted all our family and friends in Japan and everyone is fine. But there are many thousands of others that have lost their lives, their loved ones, their homes, all that they possess, and their day-to-day lifestyles. Some still have no power or running water. Others are stranded in shelters and are running out of food with threat of radiation exposure. Yes, natural disasters occur all the time. Yes, japan is not a third world country. Yes, Japan is resourceful and the northeast will eventually rebuild their infrastructure from the damage caused by this crippling disaster, but these people are emotionally scarred forever. I can only imagine the pain they must be feeling now and for the years to come.

A bright light shines through the muddy rubble the quake and tsunami has left behind. The light of millions of prayers, good thoughts, donations and support by people like you.

Click on this link to see photos of the disaster: The Calamity of Japan's 8.9-Magnitude Quake

Monday, March 7, 2011

meat: a recurring nightmare

the vegan voyeur: a tofu in disguise
he's watching you... not eat meat
about meat: a recurring nightmare 
lately, the vegan voyeur has been having very vivid and disturbing dreams about meat processing and packaging plants, the meat department in the supermarket and of sizzling steaks on the grill. he tosses and turns all night long, dragging himself into work half an hour late.  
he wonders: is this a sign that i should start eating meat?
inspiration sterility, Fast Food Nation, meat packing plants, steel, modernization
materials paper, cardboard, recycled household garbage, yarn, creativity

i created this diorama for my very first first friday event. what is first friday? every first friday of the month, many of the art galleries, cafe's and boutiques in town will showcase local artwork, have live local music, wine and hors d'œuvres. it's a town-wide fancy party. i was thrilled when people looked at my crochet, looked at me and said, "i don't get it..." i was equally pleased with all that enjoyed the vegan voyeur this time around. thanks for the support!

see more of the vegan voyeur by clicking here!

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