Sunday, February 20, 2011

and the oscar goes to... hettie!

hamsters have their own awards shows, too: welcome to a series of photos from the 
2011 hamcademy awards

hello? is this thing even on?
ooooh! i can't believe i won!
i really wasn't expecting to win anything, but i still made some notes just in case!
i'd like to thank my owners, molly and scott, for their love and support during the grueling filming process of black hamster. you paid for all my ballerina lessons and for that i am truly grateful. i'd also like to thank the creators of cheese and cardboard toilet paper tubes. now i'm off to the after party!

what? i need an invitation?? but i won best hamtress! i'm natalie portham!, not portman...
you know what? i don't care about this oscar anyway. it's made out of yarn.


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

news flash: nelson the crobot attempts to hijack hot air balloon!

why nelson decided to hijack this particular hot air balloon: he wanted to find the perfect baby shower gift for a little boy that will be born soon. nelson was picnicking under the shade of an industrial building when he saw the hot air balloon drift by. he quickly shimmied his way up the escape ladder and jumped onto the balloon. now, how to get it down?

crobot: a crocheted or amigurumi robot

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Friday, February 11, 2011

etsy crafter of the week: tiny owl's magic attic

i never thought i'd say this... but i want to learn how to knit (better)!! the most adorable whimsical etsy knits at tiny owl's magic attic.

knitting needles & crochet hooks holder - effing CYOOT!!!

little bo peep bow

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hettie doesn't have a boyfriend now, but she's still hopeful for the 14th!

i amicute and hettie are wishing you a happy heart day! now go do something amazing like stand frozen at the grocery store for 30 minutes staring at nothing, walk into a crowded elevator and stare at everyone while chuckling to oneself, dress up like someone you're not, or say something that you've had pent up for far too long. surprise yourself this commercialized, corporate holiday when you catch yourself amidst the overflowing supply of cheap red and pink goods and corn syrupy candies.   

or... i prefer to just crochet:
give someone a heart using this crochet pattern by MyGurumi. 

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

the superbowl is an american holiday, right?

hettie the holiday ham represents the green bay packers* for this american "holiday" that results in an overflowing amount of cheap beer, pizza, screaming, crying, money-losing, and wearing of obnoxious mascot thingamabobs. hettie has made this traditionally rowdy and sometimes gross american pastime into an "awww" worthy event.

*please note that i don't have a favorite team nor do i particularly like football or even know what's happening as i'm watching it. to me, it looks like giants with future knee problems lumbering around on a patch of grass surrounded by costumed, drunk, maniacal fanatics. therefore, please do not shoot me hate mail and/or post obscenities on my blog if you happen to be a fan of a team other than the green bay packers.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

who needs a groundhog when you have hettie the holiday ham?

 Happy Groundhog's Day! This is Hettie's first appearance... with her crocheted shadow! Please root her on! She's planning on modeling for all future American holidays.

looks like six more weeks of winter, folks! better stock up on some more berries! (do you see the big berry in her cheek pouch?)

hettie is tired of her shadow following her around and has decided to sneak off unnoticed... until the next holiday!

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