Thursday, November 22, 2012

billy the blue-collar bear

part 1: after working a full day at the factory, billy was ready to go home and enjoy the pre-thanksgiving preparations with his wife and two young girls. just before he clocks out his supervisor calls him into the office.

part 2: he tells billy the plant is cutting 25,000 jobs nationwide and his is one of them. starting next monday, billy won't have a job. no income, no insurance. nothing. billy drags himself to the hole-in-wall bar he frequents and proceeds to drink. and drink. "i don't need them anyway!" he yells into the empty bar.

part 3: but he can't deny reality. how is he going to feed his family, put gas in the car to take his daughters to school, to save to put them through college? college. he wants them to succeed so badly. he never got the chance after he dropped out in 10th grade. tears fall uncontrollably.

part 4: billy wipes his face and tells himself it will be ok. it has to turn out ok... he knows his little town of 15,000 bears will be devastated by the job losses. he knows it won't be ok. billy prepares himself to head home and tell his family the news. he hopes they can survive together, somehow.

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