Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the traveling crocheter: japan is summoning me

news flash: i'm heading to japan on sunday!

after weeks of moving money around, emailing back and forth with contacts, and high-pitched screaming, i finally feel like i can relax a bit and enjoy the packing process. i love to pack. actually, i love to make lists of the things i need to pack and then subsequently accidentally forget to pack the most important items. i roll my clothing items into tight, neat rolls which will later be jarred apart by oily TSA hands and the carefree tossing of my luggage into cargo. as long as they don't tear off a wheel again, i'll be fine. 

this time, i'm heading to okinawa where it's warm, sunny, green, blue, and skin cancer galore versus here in Fairbanks where it is frigid, dry, white, icy, frustrating, dark, glum, and everyone is running low on vitamin d. i'm going to learn the ancient history, visit the war monuments, experience the small island culture, and let's not forget my real reason for going: IT'S NOT COLD! i would have loved to visit the odd, red-butted hot spring monkeys, but they live in the north. and the north is cold.  



perhaps you envision me as a wimp that can't handle a bit of nipple-y weather. perhaps i am. or maybe i've experienced 23 years of fairbanks winters that last 9 months out of the year in constant darkness, dryness, extreme sub-zero temperatures that i feel i deserve a beachy, blue-y, relaxing break from it all. 

i'll hop over from okinawa to taketomi island - a tiny little island complete with traditional okinawan day-to-day living and cow-drawn carts. yes, i'm going to be pulled around by a cow and i'm going to enjoy it.


if i can, i'll continue to post up photos of random cuteness or coolness that i encounter during my travels. keep checking back for some japanese kawaii!! 


concept drawing: greasy spoon brigade

meet the greasy brigadiers: filthy spoon, oily sunny side up, and burnt toast. watch out, they're rebellious.  these brigadiers are friends with liza the bacon slice and frequently spit grease onto unsuspecting passersby.

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