Sunday, December 11, 2011

sweet happenings at bazaar no. 2

while at today's bazaar, these things happened:

1) "your mind is so warped... i love it."
3) a little girl fell in love with penelope the bunny and came by every 15 minutes during a 5 hour span to hold her or stared longingly at her from across the room. when she left the room, the girl's father rushed over and purchased the bunny and hid it. the little girl came back into the room and immediately starting crying silently when she saw that penelope was gone. she slowly walked over and let the tears roll down her cheeks as her eyes searched my table for her now missing friend. my heart was touched to know that she had become so attached to something that i created with my own hands. it was a good feeling, but it was so bittersweet because she was so sad! she's going to LOVE Christmas morning when she finds penelope in her hands once more, now forever hers to cherish ♥

below are photos of some of the items i sold at the bazaar: 

bucket o' heads

all in a row

boogie boogie
dancing like nobody's watching

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