Thursday, March 31, 2011

april fool's day revenge: hettie wants to keep her dignity this year

hettie's trying to keep her nice image for the new cute boy in the office. this year, she's determined not to be the butt of another cruel april fool's day prank. this year, she's gonna get them good.    

shopping list: sugar? check. salt? check. spoon to scoop the sugar and pour into the salt shaker with? check, check, check!

gotta get this done before everyone goes to lunch! oooooh, i'm so bad and i love it!
now... i put this into that?

*blink* she's looking at you looking at her.
licking the leftover sugar off of the spoon... before swallowing it whole.
nonchalantly waiting for an office fool to stumble upon her prank.

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