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what people are saying about the cat bus + mini totoro:

Jungrrl: Cat Bus! That has to be one of the hardest cartoon beings to pull off in any kind of 3-D situation but you did it wonderfully.

Ruby Copperhead: This is so so so so wonderful! His proportions, his expression, the stripes, the mice are awesome, and there's even room for totoro inside. So extremely well made. The kid who's going to get this is so lucky!

SisterTwisty: I love the Catbus - you've captured the manic smile and eyes perfectly - he's the right mixture of odd and cute.  And the details are just perfect!

what people are saying about timmy the broken condom

timmy the broken condom: a socially inappropriate newborn baby hat
Icekibby: Who cares for social propriety???!!! Anyone with a sense of humour would laugh at that. I certainly did. You could sell out a whole table of those at any craft show, I bet. Probably at a baby show, too!

Spoopy: This is seriously the funniest thing ever, now I need one of my friends to pop out a baby so that I can make one of these for them. The genius part of this is the fact that the people that would likely get offended by this probably wont be able to tell what it actually is more then a cute baby hat with a face and a band-aid on it! Only the dirty minded people will catch on, and they would all find it hilarious!

lanikins: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!  where were you when my kids were babies?!?!  i LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!

hgddm: This is amazing! I loooooove the little rip and the're a genius!

dreadfullydivine: It is official I snorted water out my nose from laughing so hard at this! My kids need this hat! 

nfirehazzard: LMAO! It's been a long time since I've laughed this hard!!! Love it!

photos and things i receive from fans, friends, and other random people:

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