Sunday, December 4, 2011

my very first bazaar!

after over a month of hair-pulling, dry-heaving, and no sleep due to the farmer's market's failure to notify me whether or not i got into their bazaar, it ended when i received a call just over a week before the event that they had run out of space and i "didn't make the cut." so, i sulked for five minutes and then decided i didn't crochet all these critters for nothing, and called up two businesses that would be holding events and bazaars this month. i immediately received responses saying that they would LOVE to have me - yay!

on december 2, i had my very first booth at a brand new yoga studio in town called heart stream yoga for their first friday event. being that it is fairly new, a small space, and a bit hard to find, with tons of other events happening that day, i thought it went really well! in all, there were eight vendors in the studio, including myself. plenty of specialty wines, ciders, and gluten-free goodies! my artisan friends included a knitter, an up-cycler, photographer, drum maker, authors, painter, and yoga and martial art instructors! the atmosphere was laid back, everyone in their socks or bare feet, and even if we didn't make a lot of money, we made friends, new contacts, and plenty of moments for laughter. it was the best first bazaar a crafter could ask for :)

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