Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the vegan voyeur: a tofu in disguise

he's watching you... not eat meat.

lady gaga wore meat... i'm disappointed.

a curious house cat inspects the vegan voyeur

the vegan voyeur was born from an idea that my friend and I had late one night sans alcohol - i know! surprising, right?? a voyeuristic tofu with a mustache?? YES! what an AMAZING idea! i whipped him up, threw on eyeballs and a mustache, and VOILA! he's perfectly creepy-cute. i used super chunky lions brand white yarn with fuzzy black yarn for the amigurumi style mustache. he's actually only four pieces because the sides are an extension of his front piece, but normally, one would crochet six pieces and sew them together to create a square. he's all free-hand - i didn't have a pattern... consequently, his right side of his mustache is a bit larger than the left side, but i'm going to blame it on his own poor mustache trimming abilities.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pick of the week: OhMafelt - just in time for halloween!


oh. my. guh. these felt stuffies are so adorable! i love them because they're not the typical cutesy, wide-eyed, pink and frilly stuffy. these are unique, a little odd... and so i fell in love with them. visit OhMafelt's etsy shop and see what other goodies they have. the shop is located in port townsend, oregon... yet another reason i must move to oregon.

Monday, October 25, 2010


i need to get me a neck ring for our resident house cats, stanley and nigel. i'll pretend stanley is a lion - he's got long orange fur and he's a bit neurotic, to put it mildly. :)

bears: i'm done with them for now

sigh. remember when i was gung-ho about making an adorable amigurumi zombie bear line? well, that concept died and will never come back to life (pun!)... i can't find the motivation to finish my black bear! he's just going to have to remain head-less for the time being. they're just not that unique and my interest level is dissipating as quickly as the lindsey lohan news rolls in. i'm now working on animating inanimate objects - i'm very excited to introduce my new line! i won't tell you what it is... yet. hopefully i'll be finished with him by tuesday. until then, at the edge of your seat i shall leave you.

adorable amigurumi books from japan!

yes! my amigurumi books have finally arrived! I asked my mother's friend if i could ship two books to her when she went to japan to visit family and if she could bring them back to alaska for me, and she said yes! i'm very excited to make the kangaroo with pouch and all the little vegetables: onion, eggplant, asparagus... so kawaii! i can't wait to crochet them!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pick of the week: tiny terrariums

have you ever looked a little glass container and thought, "gosh, i want a tiny gnome to live in there..." well, now your desires can be fulfilled! an extent. etsy crafters: OneGiftOneWorld and The Little Red Door sell adorable little terrariums and miniature ceramic houses. the terrariums fulfill my love of glass and the color green and the ceramic minis satiate my hunger for small, disgustingly adorable tchotchkes. 

i plan on crocheting an amigurumi gnome in the near future. maybe i'll crochet him a terrarium for him to play in! 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

the place where my ideas come to life


my room, my inspiration: welcome to the place where my ideas come to life. this is where i crochet, browse etsy stores, felt, flip through amigurumi and other craft books, dress, un-dress, and put my face on. it's a busy little room. can you believe that these walls were originally a blindingly hideous glossy brown wall-paneling circa 1970s?? ugh. thank goodness the landlord let me paint over it. i installed the wall shelving, the treasure boxes and mirror for my "vanity" area, and the wall mounted desk. i bought the paper lamps dangling above my bed online at Asian Import Store. the black frame was found at a local thrift store, spray painted black and hung neatly on my accent wall. i successfully manipulated this space into one in which i am comfortable, brightens my mood even during the darkest day of the alaskan winter, and inspires me to create.

surly surly pastries: concept drawing


this drawing is the beginning of a possible amigurumi line called "surly surly pastries." i hope to crochet sour mood donuts, aggravated muffins, and perturbed fruit tartlets. my friend also suggested that i create mini flip books with her using these tasty characters. she will create the story line and i will draw. i hope it turns out well!

nigel and his prey

often uninvited, nigel the resident house cat likes to sneak into my room to stalk and attack my poor, defenseless crocheted creations. he better watch out because tiff is getting perturbed!

an unwilling recipient

this is the matching hat that goes with the red fox i made for my friend who then gifted it to her friend who in turn forces her baby to wear it. i think he just needs some time to readjust to his new status of cute fox baby. :)

pick of the week: sighfoo - recycled wool stuffies by jennifer syfu



clockwise starting at top right: grey dog, big black penguin, mr. sad tooth, and purple quadropus.

these stuffies have an interesting intellectual background. their creator, jennifer syfu, received her bachelor of fine arts from the university of illinois and worked at a design firm in chicago as a motion graphic designer for years. now she hunts for used wool sweaters and creates adorable recycled stuffies for cute lovers on etsy! please visit her store here.

bradley the big poo

everyone, meet bradley, the newest addition to the household. he's a loving mound of crocheted chunky brown yarn. he's a bit sensitive about his size since he was bullied as a young'n about his weight, but he's taking self-confidence boosting seminars to improve his body image. let's help support his efforts towards becoming self-accepting.

he'll be moving to seattle in a new weeks to start a new life. wish him luck! bradley is my own crochet pattern and i hope to write one out in the near future so that you all can make your very own amigurumi big poo.  

* bradley has a distant sister named harriet the pre-op tranny poo (formerly known as harold the poo)

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

marty the sprinkled cupcake


marty is a shy but an accepting and loving sprinkled little cupcake. he wants to make the recipient of his birthday cake a happy little baby. happy first birthday!

this is my first attempt at crocheting a cupcake. he doesn't conform to traditional gender roles as his favorite color is pink, but he does like to bring out his rough and tumble side by playing intramural soccer and climb trees. i crocheted him without a pattern and the candle was a last minute add-on. the sprinkles took forever to sew on but was definitely a necessary touch to make him stand out out of all the other crocheted cupcakes. i think marty turned out pretty well.

marty is the beginnings of a new crochet line called: surly surly pastries. please stay tuned for more!

the return of the mini pea pod

i can't help but post more pictures of my crocheted mini pea pod... they are just so darn cute! i got the original pattern from amigurumi two!: crocheted toys for me and you and baby too. i shrunk it down and made a more manageable size, although the yarn i was using kept getting caught on my hook so the entire process took a lot longer than i had hoped - but, the end result was totally worth the cramped fingers and unraveling and light cursing.
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