Tuesday, August 28, 2012

wesley the piglet crochet pattern posted!

dearest fellow hookers:
wesley the piglet in panda costume (with bonus lucky bamboo) pdf pattern has been posted to etsy! click here to be whisked away to my store to begin your magical crochet journey. this will be my second crochet/amigurumi pattern of all time. if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or finished product photos, send them my way to iheartamicute@gmail.com!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

wesley the piglet in panda costume

meet wesley the piglet in panda costume (with bamboo!). he's so shy the only time he feels confident is when he's wearing a big, scary costume. try not to startle him; he might maul you with his paws!

wesley is so happy to have met his new friend, take-chan

wesley + take-chan = friends forever

he's a little self-conscious when you take his hood off

panda for a day

come back soon! *wave*

a friend asked me to crochet her a panda and i immediately thought to myself, "a panda? how normal." thus wesley was born. the pattern has been written, i just have to transform it into a spiffy PDF to put on my etsy store: www.iheartamicute.etsy.com! i'll be sure to post when i'm finished! and stay tuned for more wesley costumes in the near future!

Monday, August 13, 2012

truman the ham's ham: olympic weightlifting

truman won a gold medal in weightlifting at the 2012 london olympics! weightlifting is a test of pure physical strength and determination and truman surpassed the judges' expectations! go team usa! now that truman has conquered the world's greatest sports competition, what will he attempt next?

truman is so honored to have been chosen to carry the olympic torch!

getting pumped to lift the bar (enticed by some peanut butter)!

i'm so thankful to have made it this far!

climbing up to the podium to receive his GOLD medal! he can't wait to sing the national anthem while one tear slowly rolls down his face as the camera pans in closely to capture this heartfelt moment.

eating aforementioned gold medal

truman: a ham's ham

meet truman. he's a badass hamster that loves to show off his muscles, his manly skills, and masculine characteristics. he'll be participating in various manly activities via crocheted art. cheer him on!

Friday, August 3, 2012

walton the dancing beaver and his log friend

walton is a little odd, so the other beavers say. he mumbles to himself, doesn't like to share, and swims around in circles with his big, flat tail. but really, walton is just a sweet little woodland creature that just wants to be left alone. sometimes, he jumps up on the finest log around and does a little boogie for no one in particular. if you happen to see walton the next time you're camping, leave him be and you just might get to see his dance.

*beaver pattern by amy gaines. log pattern by i ♥ amicute.
walton. just dancing for no one in particular. having fun all the same.

nom nom nom


waving at the geese flying by overhead

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