Sunday, February 6, 2011

the superbowl is an american holiday, right?

hettie the holiday ham represents the green bay packers* for this american "holiday" that results in an overflowing amount of cheap beer, pizza, screaming, crying, money-losing, and wearing of obnoxious mascot thingamabobs. hettie has made this traditionally rowdy and sometimes gross american pastime into an "awww" worthy event.

*please note that i don't have a favorite team nor do i particularly like football or even know what's happening as i'm watching it. to me, it looks like giants with future knee problems lumbering around on a patch of grass surrounded by costumed, drunk, maniacal fanatics. therefore, please do not shoot me hate mail and/or post obscenities on my blog if you happen to be a fan of a team other than the green bay packers.

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