Sunday, February 20, 2011

and the oscar goes to... hettie!

hamsters have their own awards shows, too: welcome to a series of photos from the 
2011 hamcademy awards

hello? is this thing even on?
ooooh! i can't believe i won!
i really wasn't expecting to win anything, but i still made some notes just in case!
i'd like to thank my owners, molly and scott, for their love and support during the grueling filming process of black hamster. you paid for all my ballerina lessons and for that i am truly grateful. i'd also like to thank the creators of cheese and cardboard toilet paper tubes. now i'm off to the after party!

what? i need an invitation?? but i won best hamtress! i'm natalie portham!, not portman...
you know what? i don't care about this oscar anyway. it's made out of yarn.


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