Monday, November 8, 2010

a teapot cozy: mishaps and extra flaps

did you miss me? 

probably not, but the reason why i haven't posted in so long is because i have been working on above mentioned teapot cozy for my so-sweet co-worker that just got married. to be honest, i was going to whip up a scarf for her - easy and fast. after i purchased the light blue THIN yarn, she asked me for a teapot cozy instead. i got to thinking: should i go buy new yarn for the cozy that is thicker (so that it would take less time) and darker (to hide stains)? i was either too lazy or just stubborn (truthfully, i am both) and i ended up crocheted the cozy with what i had. i had a vague idea of what to do and how to do it. there were no patterns online for a bodum teapot cozy so i knew i had to wing it. increasing and decreasing my stitches as i went up the curve of the teapot, and, literally weeks later, i ended up with a nice round pouch with an opening for the handle. 

my plan for the top flap was to have JUST ONE with a cute button. i sewed on the flap and giddily put back on the cozy... and to my horror the flap was on diagonally. i immediately shriveled up and pitied myself for my mistake until an idea hit me like an elephant kicking your face with its hind leg. i'll just make a criss-cross pattern and she won't even know it was a mistake! and here is my product with a few blips here and there, but i was careful not to show them in my photos. ;)



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  1. love the teapot cozie, mishaps and extra flaps. Do you give out the pattern?

  2. You know, I crocheted this cozy without a pattern! My co-worker let me borrow her teapot and I just tried to crochet around it to fit its shape! There was a lot of unraveling involved - patience is the key. I do have a suggestion though: Try to use thicker yarn (I used size 3) for sturdiness (and it'll be faster to make) and a darker color to hide stains. :) For the flaps, I just crocheted two long strips, sewed them together and left open a small opening near the top for the button hole and made two of them. This was a special request - I don't usually make "practical" household items and try to stick with creatures and critters. :) hehe, good luck!

  3. I have been trying my own cozy design for a pot similar to that of a Bodum, however it has a flatter base - I have over come that issue, but I am having more with the button holes. Not entirely sure where I am going wrong though. have you got any advice?

  4. What I did is crochet two long strips. I then sewed the two pieces together but left a small section open for the button. Then I single crocheted around the finished flap to make the edge pretty.

    Otherwise, if you're trying to incorporate the button hole into the cozy rather than create a separate flap with a button hole, I would crochet until the spot you want your button hole to be. Then chain a couple and skip over the same amount of stitches as chains. Then continue to crochet around. Once you go around once and arrive at the chain again, simply crochet the amount of stitches in the chain.

    Let's say you have a big button so you skip over 4 stitches and chain 4. In the 5th stitch, you would continue with your regular stitch. I used single crochet for my cozy. After you make one round, you'll come back to the chain you made. Single crochet (or whatever stitch you were using) 4 right onto the chain and then continue on.

    Does this help a little? Let me know if you have any more questions or suggestions!


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