Saturday, October 9, 2010

the place where my ideas come to life


my room, my inspiration: welcome to the place where my ideas come to life. this is where i crochet, browse etsy stores, felt, flip through amigurumi and other craft books, dress, un-dress, and put my face on. it's a busy little room. can you believe that these walls were originally a blindingly hideous glossy brown wall-paneling circa 1970s?? ugh. thank goodness the landlord let me paint over it. i installed the wall shelving, the treasure boxes and mirror for my "vanity" area, and the wall mounted desk. i bought the paper lamps dangling above my bed online at Asian Import Store. the black frame was found at a local thrift store, spray painted black and hung neatly on my accent wall. i successfully manipulated this space into one in which i am comfortable, brightens my mood even during the darkest day of the alaskan winter, and inspires me to create.

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