Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tiff the tampon: rejected!

no, not by a creeper utilizing a profit driven match-making organization like e-harmony, but www.crochetville.org. this forum is geared towards crochet lovers. no matter your level or interest, there's a forum for you to spill your hooking woes or showcase your creations and gloat in the oohing and aahing of the world wide crocheting community. WELL, i placed several photos of tiff the tampon up in the "showcase" thread under the "toys" section where you would place photos of your amigurumi* among other items created for play.

i was getting a lot of views on my post and someone even left a comment saying that she was so inspired by how cute tiff turned out that she was going to create her very own tampon shaped tampon holder. a day later, i went back to crochetville to check on my post for more comments and i could not find it! tampons are an american necessity! is it obscene to showcase a winking tampon named tiff complete with hat on a crochet forum? apparently the forum police thought so.

look at her... even though she's a fiesty chica, she's got a sweet heart. i suppose i have to accept that not every forum will consider a hatted winking tampon to be family friendly material.

* "amigurumi" is a Japanese word roughly translated to: a crocheted or knitted doll. my blog name "i heart amicute" takes a bit of that word smashed together with "cute" and I came up with "amicute."

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if you posted "Tiff" these days, if you would get the same reaction?? Would be quite interesting to see what the world thinks of it now, with all the changes with woman & breastfeeding, and periods and whatnot.



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